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At Magikos IT we aim to make the whole process of buying IT goods and services as straight forward as possible.

After many years of experience with large corporate IT companies and public sector organisations we can make use of the money saving techniques and skills gained to ensure you can rely on Magikos IT and the service we can provide.

Magikos IT ensures that we understand what it is you are trying to achieve by taking the time to speak with you in ordinary language everyone can understand. Here at Magikos IT we do not feel the need to baffle or confuse our customers with terminology or acronyms when its better to identify what is it the customer wants and then have the trust and assurance from us that it will just get delivered, on-time and to budget.

I never thought I would see the day when my parents sit across the room from one another, each of them checking Emails, posting on Facebook, viewing YouTube or playing games such as ‘Candy Crush’. It seems that in the space of only a few years we have all adopted more and more online services and use our tablets, computers and smartphones for longer than we ever imagined. But with this use, should come the responsibility of looking after the data and information we share and store. But the rather dusty looking box under the desk often gets forgotten and is not given a second thought until the day it refuses to switch on and the sudden realisation that all our information and treasured memories are within its inner workings! 

However with a few simple inexpensive steps we can make sure we keep the right side of the law, protecting the files and information and also make sure that when this fateful day comes (and it will), we are prepared and all is not lost forever...

1 - Business Class Anti-Malware: A good quality antivirus, malware and spyware product is essential when using the Internet. No matter if you are using a tablet, mobile phone or a computer this is an essential piece of software. Many people still use free software for this purpose. There are many reasons why its free; its used to advertise an improved product, this is not the case, it does not do the whole job and the biggest problem often overlooked, it is not allowed to be used for business devices (its in the terms and conditions).

2 - Secure, Automatic Offsite Backup: The only reliable way to get your data back after a failure is to have a good backup service. This is not the disk you leave in the desk draw with the best intentions to get out periodically and do a backup! Just be careful where your data is kept. If it crosses international boundaries outside of the EU then there is potential for prosecution under the data protection act if your storing personal information.

3 - Mobile Phone and Tablet Protection: These devices need to be encrypted, backed up and also have the ability to remote wipe and disable them if stolen or lost. Some already include these functions, but it must be configured!

4 - Website Cookie Policy: If you or your business have a website then you must be careful where this is hosted if you collect user information (enquiry form for example hosted outside of EU) and also because of the e-Privacy Directive (UK Cookie Law), you must have a Cookie or Usage Policy.

5 - Different Passwords: You MUST use different passwords for each website you use and requires a registration. There are plenty of useful pieces of software to help you remember them or you can come up with a unique pattern making it different for each site. If one site is compromised, then you don't want these passwords allowing access to every other website you have ever used!

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